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Quince Clash - Malin Alegria

The character Fabiola Garza is a nice, wonderful, and caring girl. Though she be a better character if she could stand up for her self. Her two grandmas and her younger sister write a letter to a T.V show, so Fabiola could have her quince.


Fabiola is fourteen years old and is about to turn fifteen. She doesn't want a quince she wanted to have a trip to New York City with her best friend. At school she was talking about how her family wants her to have her quince and she doesn't she wants her trip. A sassy girl named Melodee heard what Fabi was talking about and she got in it and said "Lets do a dare" and Fabi didn't answer and Melodee kept talking and said "from us two who ever has the best quince will not be bugged and who has a bad quince will have to rape their head". One of Fabi's friend said yes to the dare Melodee made. Once her family knew about it her grandmas and her sister wrote this letter to Quince Dream a T.V show.


I learned from this book that its better to tell the truth in the beginning instead of waiting a long time afterwards. If we don't tell the truth in the beginning we could have problems and struggle to get out from them.


I really recommend this book its really good. Its interesting how Fabi struggles and goes through so many stuff to have her quince be perfect.