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Falling Too Fast - Malin Alegria

     This book was really surprising. I wasn't expecting that one of the Garza sisters' was going to fall deeply in love with someone she had barely just met! They are both in a mariachi group at their high schools. Though she doesn't know how to get his attention so her grandmas' help her out and they tell her that she should take him a serenade. Alexis is not so sure if she should take her crush a serenade because her mariachi group was not sounding so great, and they had barely started so she wasn't so convinced about the serenade. After weeks later she had finally decided to take him the serenade, but she asked her cousin Santiago to record the song so her teammates could just pretend to be playing their instruments. Throughout the book Alexis Garza goes though lots of emotions and problems but then after a long time she realizes that maybe falling in love was just to difficult for her and wasn't her thing.